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Heraclès domptant le taureau

Original plaster
Provenance : The Thebaide, the artist’s workshop, between 1943 and 1945
H : 112, L : 181, D : 80 cm

Hercules taming the Cretan taurus

Janniot first sculpts in 1937 Hercules fighting the Cretan taurus, in relief on the facade of the Palais de Tokyo. We find the same relation between the athletic body of a naked man and the power of an animal on the plaster of Mars for the Fontaine du Soleil in Nice (1956). Ordered in 1935, this fountain depicts Apollon, le Sun, surrounded by Mercure, Venus, the Earth, Mars and Saturne.

If Janniot makes this subject during his time at the Thebaid, we have to wait until 1965 for the sculpted group to be placed in the park of the Jean Dupuis highschool in Tarbes.

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