The Thebaide

Discover an exceptional series of sculptures from the Thebaide

In September 1943, the artist workshop is bombed, he find then shelter at his friend, Gérard Ducos, long time collector and benefactor during the war. His villa’s called the Thebaide. It’s this way that Janniot was asked by the owner to make during the World War II, an unique series of sculpture to decorate the house and the garden.
This Art Deco all, counting around 40 sculptures, is inspired by the artist’s visits to Anet and Versailles and his previous creations.

The four elements


Placed at the entrance of the patio, four monumental caryatids depict the Fire, the Water, the Earth and the Air. 

le feu

The Fire

thébaide l'eau

The Water

thébaïde la terre

The Earth

thébaïde l'air

The Air

The marmosets

In the park, seven stone marmosets depicting gods from the Ancient mythology lead to the water piece. 

bacchus à la vigne

Bacchus with the vine

diane chasseresse

Artemis the hunter

mercure messager des dieux

Hermes, messenger of the gods

Vénus sur un dauphin

Aphrodite on a dolphin

Vénus au poisson

Aphrodite with a fish
or Child bearing a fish in a shell 

hercule tuant un serpent

Hercules killing a snake

neptune sur un dauphin

Poseidon on a dolphin or  Eros on a dolphin

The other sculptures of the  park

le jour et la nuit

The groupe symbolizing
« The Day and The Night »,  surmounted by a wrought  iron  sphere, and resting on a Corinthian capital

torse de centaure

This centaur bust placed in the park paid tribute to Rodin

paniers aux ananas
panier au melon

Some stone filled baskets and amphoras were completed the park decoration 

Inside the villa

The inside of the villa was also adorned with sculptures made by the artist. Especially, the fireplace was surmounted by a splendid  bas-relief depicting « Gaïa, the Ancestral mother, Caea, Hêlios, Sélène, Dionysos and Eros »


This high-relief, set as a trumeau above the fireplace, depicts on the center Gaia, the Ancestral mother giving her breast to a child surrounding by earth divinities that we also find on the decor of the Palais de Tokyo’s facade dedicated to the Earth Legend. 

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